Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Earth Eco-Village

First video from our Eco-Village / self-sustained community project. Second day of working on our new land where we will build up our homes and live. This will be exciting and interesting, as the location is a well-known UFO sighting place, that also is famous for other paranormal activity, and we spotted a UFO flying over our property the very first day we were working there so I am fairly sure we will grab some UFOs on tape as well in the coming times!

Since 1986 Uritorco has been mentioned in media reports of UFO sightings, extraterrestrial visits, and visions of "parallel dimensions". The nearby Capilla del Monte and the base of Uritorco attract many New Age supporters and tourists interested in the alleged mystical/energetic qualities of the mountain and other paranormal phenomena, and a local artisan industry has developed around this topic.

Read more about our location on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cerro_Uritorco

We will construct several UFO & Paranormal activity observation stations in the area, with video cameras to grab any potential sightings. These will be both manned and unmanned, and visitors will be able to participate in sky-watching and exploration from these stations.

Do YOU want to help us build the new ecological community? We are looking for sponsors and supporters!

As we need a lot of material for the construction of the houses, working on the site and preparing the land, we will greatly appreciate any donations to assist us in the progress of building up the community. You can easily and quickly send us an anonymous donation by sending via PayPal to HowToTipsChannel@gmail.com

Click here to enter in an amount you want to donate

Just follow the on-screen instructions and type in the amount you wish to assist us with - Thanks a lot for your contribution, it is of immense help for us in our work!

All contributions received will be used EXCLUSIVELY for the New Earth Eco-Village community and work related to its construction and maintenance - such as paying for:

* Construction material for homes
* Tools for cleaning and working the land
* Equipment for farming & gardening
* Building guest-houses for visitors to be able to provide free guesting
* Adding electricity and water - using low-cost & self-generating machinery where possible such as solar panels & generators, wind mills
* Obtaining animals, plants, flowers, seeds & vegetables for farming area 

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